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5 Different Ways to Hide Apps on iPhone

How many apps have you installed on your iPhone, and how often do you use them? According to the survey app usage for 2021, 40 apps have been installed on each user's iPhone, while only 18 apps were used.

Some users bring forward the opinion to delete the apps they don't use, but later, these apps come in handy. Actually, it's inconvenient to delete them cause you may need to download them again.  

Here is the good idea: hide apps on iPhone instead of deleting them. Let's check it out!

Part 1. Why Should You Hide Apps from iPhone?

Apple provides some professional ways to hide apps without deleting them, which saves us the trouble of installing them again and protects more privacy.

  • Data privacy: Most users would have some apps to share with others while keeping them secret. Hiding apps is necessary to prevent others from accessing the personal or sensitive information.
  • Organization: More than 30 apps we installed on iPhone are remained unused; it's better to make them invisible to rid the home screen of unwanted clutter.

Part 2. Hide the Entire Home Screen Page

If you are looking to hide multiple apps at the same time, this method is the most desirable approach. Here are the steps you can follow to hide the entire page.

  • Keep pressing the Search button on the bottom until the app icons start to shake.
  • Tap on the dots at the bottom and all the home screen pages will be zoomed out.
  • Then tap on the select box of the page of apps you need to hide and this page will no longer appear on the home screen.

hide entire home screen page

Part 3. Hide Apps So They Don't Show Up in Search

This method ensures that the apps remain disappear from search results and Siri suggestions. However, if searched within the App Library, the apps are still visible.

  • Open iPhone Settings and click on Siri & Search.
  • Scroll down and click the apps you want to hide.
  • Toggle off the option of Learn from this App, Suggest App, Show App in Search, Show Content in Search.

siri and search

Part 4. How to Hide Inbuilt Apps on iPhone

Hide the official built-in app on iPhone is a new feature that is unexpectedly extended after iOS 12 is released. How to do it? Let's take a step by step look below:

  • Open "Settings" first.
  • On the "Settings" page, scroll down to find "Screen Time" and click in.
  • If it is the first time to click in, then a brief introduction will appear first, we need to click "Continue" at the bottom of the screen.
  • After clicking on "Continue", iOS will require you to confirm with this question: "Is this iPhone for yourself or your child? ", It depends on your actual situation to choose. Let ’s start with“ This Is My iPhone”.
  • Next, you will see a option of "Turn on Screen Time", click on it to activate this service.
  • After enabling "Turn on Screen Time", the iPhone will jump to the screen time interface. Click on "Content and "Privacy restrictions" and toggle on the switch.
  • Click on ‘Allowed Apps’ and the inbuilt apps will be listed, including Mail, Safari, FaceTime, Camera, Siri & Dictation, Wallet, AirDrop, CarPlay, iTunes Store, Books, Podcasts, News. If you need to hide specific app on your iPhone, just disable this app and it will be automatically hidden.

iphone hide built in apps

Part 5. Hide 3rd-Party Apps on iPhone

We can hide many official built-in apps with the above steps. Now, let’s take a look at how to hide the apps downloaded from App Store.

  • As in the previous step, open Settings > Screen Time, and then go to the "Content and privacy restrictions" page.
  • Click on ‘Content Restrictions’ and ‘Apps’.
  • Then, you can hide different apps based on age restrictions.

content privacy restrictions

Part 6. Hide Apps on iPhone Using Folder

To keep the balance between private and convenience when hide apps on iPhone, you should confirm the frequency to use the app first. If you use it one a week, you can hide the app with a creative way.

Step 1. Keep pressing an app until it is wiggling. Drag an app towards another app when they are wiggling.

Step 2. The 2 apps will then automatically be saved in a folder. Follow the same steps to drag 7 apps to the same folder, this will fill up the first page and make sure that the app you need to hide is on the second page.

hide apps on iphone via folder

Part 7. Can You Use an App to Hide Apps on iPhone?

You can find multiple apps to hide files such as text messages, videos, photos, notes, etc on your iPhone from Apple store. However, few of them can hide apps on iPhone.

Locker is claimed to be designed to hide apps as well as files on iPhone, but its official site is unavailable now and the process of which is said to be very difficult. It’s not advisable to try this app.

Part 8. How to Find Hidden Apps on Your iPhone?  

Every app installed on iPhone can be accessed from App Library. Then how to find hidden apps via the App Library:

  • On the home screen of iPhone, scroll right to come to the App Library page.
  • Search hidden apps by entering the app name in the search bar.
  • To place the app back on the home screen, just hold the app icon and drag it to the desired location on the home screen.

find hidden apps

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