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[2024 Updated] Top iPhone Flash Tools Latest for Free

Do you know you can install a custom iOS version on your iPhone by simply updating its firmware? It’s not difficult when you use an iPhone flash tool. If your iPhone runs iOS  11 and you want to try iOS 16 first before you update to iOS 17, a flash tool can help this. The tool gives you the option to select the exact iOS version you want. It’s not like iTunes which only has the option to update to the latest iOS version.

There are also more useful features that you can access and use with an iPhone flash tool compared to iTunes. Now, the big question is, which iPhone flash tool should you choose? Well, in this article, we will tackle this question by looking at a few effective iPhone flash tools that you can consider, including how these tools perform and the features they offer.

Why Do I Need iPhone Flashing Software?

Have you tried flashing an iPhone using iTunes before? It’s a complex process that not many iPhone users can follow and that’s why most of them prefer to use the iPhone flashing software. These flash tools are easy to use and offer various other benefits over iTunes, such as:

  • You can flash any iPhone with these tools, even those that iTunes can’t recognize.
  • You can use flash tools with any iPhone model and they can help you downgrade your iPhone’s iOS.
  • They have an intuitive interface that’s easier to navigate compared to iTunes.

Can I Flash iPhone Myself?

When your iPhone malfunctions and you don’t know much about the iOS firmware and how it works, identifying and fixing the problem can be tricky. The easiest way to fix the iPhone in such a situation is to use a flash tool. But, what is a flash tool? Well, a flash tool is special software that allows you to update your device’s firmware and fix any issue affecting the device.

Moreover, with the help of a flash tool, you can flash your iPhone yourself and update it with a custom iOS version. The tool gives you the option to customize the iPhone update, so you can install a specific iOS version on your device, while with iTunes, you can only install the latest iOS version. Other things you can do with a flash tool include:

  • Solve iPhone issues like iPhone crashing frequently, stuck at the boot screen, not opening apps, or the screen flickering problem.
  • Perform various useful functions like unlocking, backing up, restoring, and updating Apple devices.

Recommended iPhone Flash Tool (No Data Loss)

While iPhone flashing tools are easier to use compared to iTunes, some software can be difficult to use and many users tend to avoid them for fear of losing iPhone data during the flashing process. However, you should know that there are iPhone flashing software that are simple to use and can effectively flash a phone without data loss.

A great tool is FoneGeek iOS System Recovery. You can flash your device using this tool and fix any iOS-related issues without any data being erased. The flashing process involves just a few simple steps and you can select the exact version of iOS firmware you want to install on your device. The other features this tool offers include:

  • Two recovery modes - a “Standard Mode” for fixing common iOS issues (causes no data loss) and an “Advanced Mode” for fixing more serious issues.
  • Offers a short and simple process for installing custom firmware to any device.
  • You can use it on Windows and Mac computers.
  • It supports all iOS devices and iOS versions.


How to use the FoneGeek iOS System Recovery to install custom firmware on your device:

Step 1. Download this tool and install on your computer. Select “Standard Mode” from the main window, connect your iPhone to the computer, and simply click “Next”.

choose repair mode

Note: You may be asked to put your phone into Recovery/DFU mode. If so, follow the instructions that the FoneGeek Recovery tool provides.

Step 2. After your device enters the Recovery/DFU mode, go to the “Firmware Version” section, select the appropriate firmware for your device, and click the “Download” button.

download firmware

Step 3. The FoneGeek Recovery tool will download the firmware. Once it’s done, click “Fix Now” so that the firmware is installed onto your device as the tool fixes all the issues.

fix now

The best part about this tool is that it does not erase your data when it flashes your device. Once it fixes all issues, you can install any iOS firmware onto your device.

Is 3uTools a Good iPhone Flash Tool?

3uTools is an alternative iPhone flashing software that can help you flash your iPhone. Like other third-party flash tools, it provides an easy way of flashing an iPhone. These are the steps for using 3uTools.

  • Get your PC and iPhone connected. Put the iPhone into DFU/Recovery mode.
  • Click on the Flash & JB option. Select Easy Flash, pick a firmware, and then click Flash.

3utools flash tool


  • It has a lot of errors such as read IBEC, read ECID, unable to enter recovery mode, etc.
  • You must install iTunes to flash your iPhone.
  • It causes data loss, so you must ensure you have backed up your data first.

FAQs about iPhone Flash Tool

Can I flash my iPhone to unlock it?

No, you can’t unlock an iPhone by flashing it. When you flash an iPhone, you are just reinstalling or updating its firmware or iOS version. This method allows you to customize an iPhone software, but not to unlock an iPhone, especially if the iPhone is locked to a single carrier or it’s iCloud locked.

Is 3uTools safe to use?

3uTools offers several advanced flashing features but it’s more risky to use compared to other iPhone flashing software. You may encounter errors such as being unable to read device IDs, failed recovery mode, and more while using it.

When these errors occur, you may lose your data or get your device bricked. Therefore, it’s safer to use a credible iOS repair tool such as the FoneGeek iOS System Recovery. It has a simple recovery mode to fix all kinds of iPhone issues without causing data loss or damaging your device. Moreover, there are hardly any risks when using FoneGeek.


It’s easier and safer to flash an iPhone when you use professional iPhone flashing software like FoneGeek iOS System Recovery. Unlike iTunes and other iPhone flash tools, FoneGeek iOS System Recovery can flash any iPhone within minutes and update it with any iOS firmware version you want. You can also use it to fix any system-related issue affecting your device data.

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