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How to Schedule A Text Message on iPhone

Imagine you can schedule a message on your iPhone just like you can do for email. Unfortunately, no such built-in app on the iPhone can do so. The good news is there are still some ways to schedule messages on your iPhone.

If you are searching for a way to schedule text messages on your iPhone, you have landed at the right place. This write-up will concern some of the most effective ways to schedule a text message on iPhone. Let's begin!

Can You Schedule a Text Message on the iOS Messages App?

The answer is NO. It’s impossible to schedule a text message on the built-in Message app on iOS devices. Although Google introduced such a feature on Android devices with Google Messages, iPhone is yet to bring it.

If you want to schedule text messages on your iPhone or iPad, you will need to utilize alternative methods. There are a few different approaches to do so, which we will discuss below.

Use the Scheduled App to Schedule Text Messages on iPhone

The Scheduled App is available on App Store for iOS devices, and it enables you to schedule your text messages in two ways:

  • Auto Send: You can purchase the premium package of the Scheduled app to send text messages at a scheduled time automatically. In this package, you will get a virtual number which you can use to send the scheduled message and receive it from the recipient. You will need to purchase monthly credits to use the app.
  • Schedule Messages: This is a pretty basic feature that is available on the free version of the Scheduled app. With this feature, you will need to enter the text message and recipient number and set a time to send the message. Once you do so, the app will send you a reminder at the particular time to send the message by pressing the send button.

Here is how to use the Scheduled app to schedule a text message:

  • Download the Scheduled app from the App Store. Launch it and sign up with your credentials (phone number). You will require to provide some permission to the app, including access to contacts and notifications. Note that the app won't work without these permissions.
  • Now click "CREATE MESSAGE". Then click "To:" to select the recipient's contact number. You can select one or multiple recipients. Then press "Done".

schedule text message iphone

  • Enter the message in the text box on the new page. You can also pick a template by clicking the tiny square icon.
  • Once you are done writing the message, click "Schedule date" to pick the preferred date and time to send the message. Then exit the popup by pressing anywhere else on the screen.
  • You will see two options below the screen. The "Reminder" option should be automatically selected, and the "send automatically" option will be unavailable if you are in the free package.
  • Now click “Schedule Message”.

schedule text message iphone

  • Wait for the notification at the scheduled time. Press on the notification, and it will bring you to the Scheduled App. Click "Send" from the top-right of the screen.
  • After that, the messaging app will occur with the message and the contact already chosen. All you need to do is to tap the arrow beside the message box to send the message. Done!

schedule text message iphone

Use the Shortcuts App to Schedule a Text on iPhone

If you want to avoid using any third-party app to schedule text messages, then the Shortcuts app will be your best option. It comes pre-installed in iOS 13 or later (for the older versions, you can download it from App Store).

Here is how to use the Shortcuts app to schedule a text message:

  • Open the Shortcuts app on your iPhone. Find and click “Automation” from the bottom of the screen.
  • If you are creating automation for the first time, press "Create Personal Automations". If you have already created one, press "+" from the top-right and then select "Create Personal Automations”.
  • Click “Time of Day” and pick the preferred time to send the message.

schedule text message iphone

  • Click “Month” and pick the date to send the message. Then press “Next”. Click "Add Action" on the next page.

schedule text message iphone

  • On the "Send Message" section under the Action window, check contact and click "Next".
  • Add your message in the text field and click “Next”.
  • Make sure everything is set appropriately by reviewing the automation. One thing that you should be careful about is the “Ask Before Running” option. Make sure to toggle the switch off beside this option to send the message automatically without requiring to confirm.
  • Press “Done” after completing the above steps. That’s it! Your message will be sent at the set time.

schedule text message iphone

Note that this method will send the text message to the contact on the same date every month. If you don't want this, delete the automation after sending the first message. Drag the automation from right to left and then select "Delete" to delete it.

Extra Tip: Recover Deleted Text Messages on iPhone without Backup

Text messages on our iPhone often contain a lot of important information. Sometimes you may mistakenly delete these important messages. Then FoneGeek iPhone Data Recovery tool can be beneficial in such a situation. It enables you to easily retrieve any data directly from your iOS, or from iCloud and iTunes Backup. You can recover almost all types of data with this tool, including text messages.


Here is how to recover deleted text messages on iPhone without backup:

1. Make sure that your iPhone is turned on. Then link the device to a PC through a quality USB.

2. Launch the iPhone Message Recovery program on your computer. It should automatically detect the attached iPhone if it is already trusted.

connect iphone

3. After the device is detected, you will be moved to the restore interface of the program. Select "Messages & Attachments" and press "Scan" to begin the process.

start scan iphone

4. Within a while, you should find all the scanned files. You can either choose “Only Display the deleted items” or "Show All" to rescue the files based on your need. After that, select the files you want to retrieve and press "Recover". Done!

preview photos ios

More FAQs about iPhone Text Messages

What does the crescent moon icon in iPhone's text messages mean?

The crescent moon icon in a conversation means the "Do Not Disturb" mode is active on your iPhone for the particular contact. You will not be notified when the person sends you a text message. You can easily switch it off by dragging the message left and pressing the bell icon.

How to forward a text message on iPhone?

To forward a text message on iPhone, long-press on the particular message and click on the "More" menu, then select "Share". Then select the recipient and send the message.

How to block a text message on iPhone?

If you want to block a text message on your iPhone, click on the contact and select "More Info". Then, click "Info" and find "Block This Caller" by scrolling down.


As you see, iPhone doesn't allow you to schedule a text message directly. But it's still possible to do so using the methods discussed above. You can use the preferred way to schedule a text message at your preferred time easily. Best of luck, remember to use the FoneGeek iPhone Data Recovery software if you accidentally delete important text messages on your iPhone and want to get them back!

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