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How to Turn Off Find My iPhone When Phone is Broken (Full Guide)

Find My iPhone is an excellent feature to locate your iPhone and prevent unauthorized access to your data when the device is lost. However, in some situations, the feature can also cause hassle. When the iPhone is broken, the repair center will suggest you turn off Find My iPhone before sending it to them.

You can easily turn off Find My iPhone even when the phone is broken. This guide will introduce you to several methods that you can utilize to turn off the feature on a broken iPhone. Keep reading!

#1. Turn Off Find My iPhone on Broken iPhone via iCloud (Password Required)

You can easily turn off the Find My iPhone feature remotely through iCloud. Under the “Find iPhone” option in your iCloud account, you will find the option to turn the feature off. Here is how you can disable the feature via iCloud:

  1. Go to iCloud.com from a web browser and log in to your account. From the iCloud interface, press "Find iPhone".
  2. Expand the "All Devices" popup menu from the top of the page and select the device you want to remove.
  3. Press "Erase iPhone" from the new popup window. Confirm the action to proceed.

erase iphone from icloud

Important Note:

  • Just turning the Find My iPhone feature off will not delete any data from the device. A factory reset is mandatory to erase the data.
  • Also, be aware that erasing an iPhone on iCloud is an irreversible action. So be sure to proceed with caution.

#2. Turn Off Find My iPhone When Phone is Broken from Another Device (Password Required)

Another easy way to turn off the Find My iPhone feature is through another Apple device with the Find My app. To be more detailed, you will require to have another Apple device running on iOS 13 or later. Here is what you need to do:

  1. Unlock the Apple device and launch the Find My app. Then sign in to the Apple ID you used on the broken device.
  2. Click on the “Devices” option to see all the devices connected to the Apple ID.
  3. Choose the broken device and turn off the relevant features.

erase iphone

#3. Turn Off Find My iPhone on Broken Phone without Password

Unable to turn off the feature using the above methods? Don't worry; let us bring in the FoneGeek iPhone Passcode Unlocker. It is a powerful tool that enables you to quickly and efficiently turn off Find My iPhone on your broken phone. You don't even require any sort of password with this software.

Here are some other features of FoneGeek iPhone Passcode Unlocker:

  • Remove passcode, Face ID, and Touch ID from iPhone, iPad, or iPod.
  • Bypass Apple ID, MDM Screen, and MDM profile.
  • Fix your disabled iPhone without iCloud or iTunes.
  • Cross-platform and available for various iOS versions.


Now let's see how to install and utilize the FoneGeek Unlocker in easy steps:

  1. Download and install FoneGeek iPhone Passcode Unlocker on your PC. After installing the tool, launch it and press the "Unlock Apple ID" option on the interface.
  2. Connect the iPhone/iPad (which is broken) to your PC via USB or lightning cable. Once the devices are attached, press the "Start Unlock" button.
  3. FoneGeek will remove the Apple ID from your iPhone/iPad. The procedure will require a few minutes. Once done, your iPhone will restart, and the Apple ID and relevant features on the device will be removed.

unlock apple id

4. Turn Off Find My iPhone on Broken Phone with Touch Screen Capacity

Yes, turning off the Find My iPhone on a broken iPhone is possible if it has the touch screen capacity turned on. Here are the steps you need to implement:

  • Use the touch captivity feature to open “Settings” on your device.
  • Press “Your Name” and then go to “iCloud”.
  • Now, choose "Find My iPhone" and turn off the toggle bar beside it.
  • Put in your Apple ID credentials in the popup, and then press "Turn Off".

turn off find my iphone

5. What You Won’t Miss About Find My iPhone

Q1. Do you need to turn off Find My iPhone to replace the screen?

The Find My iPhone feature needs to be turned off when you send it for repair or replacement. It is a requirement of the relevant insurance program and claim process. The repair services can even charge you more if you don’t turn the feature off.

Q2. Does Find My iPhone work when phone is off?

Yes. Even when the iPhone is dead, the Find My app can trace and show you the last location of the iPhone before the battery becomes empty.

Q3. Can someone see when you use Find My iPhone?

By default, the others can't know that the device is being tracked through Find My iPhone.


After reading the article, you should have a vibrant idea of how to turn off the Find My iPhone when phone is broken. We have introduced several solutions, as well as the FoneGeek Unlocker app that enables you to fix the issue quickly. We hope you will be able to turn off the feature successfully following the guide. Thanks for reading!

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