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3 Effective Tips to Recover Deleted Messages on Android without Root

In the process of using the mobile phone, we sometimes mistakenly delete some important text messages. If these messages are lost, we will need to if it is possible to find them back and what is the best way to retrieve lost text messages? In this article, we will introduce the most common solutions tp recover deleted messages on Android.

recover deleted messages on android

Why Is It Possible to Recover Deleted Messages on Android

In reality, when text messages are removed or deleted from Android devices, they are not permanently deleted from the memory space. Instead, the space of the deleted text messages will be changed from used to unused. What you need is to recover these messages from the unused space.

Note: Do no use your Android phone when text messages are deleted, or the new created data will completely wipe out the deleted sms.

Method 1. Recover Deleted Texts Android with Android Data Recovery

Since it is hard to access the deleted text messages from your Android system, it is necessary to use a professional Android Data Recovery to access and recover the text messages.

FoneGeek Android Data Recovery is developed to retrieve deleted data from the Android memory. It is simply and trustworthy to use. You only need to download the software on your computer and connect your Android phone to pc to get deleted text messages back.


Key Features of Android Data Recovery:

  • Quickly recover deleted or lost text messages, MMS and other text info on Android phone, such as the contact info, recipient, date, etc.
  • Other types of data can also be recovered, including photos, videos, contacts, call logs, WhatsApp messages, etc.
  • It is free to preview all deleted text messages and other info before the recovery.
  • Selectively recover the text messages you want to recover, so that the recovery time can be highly reduced.
  • The recovered text messages will be saved as the format of CSV and HTML on your computer.
  • Almost all brands of Android models are supported: Samsung, Huawei, OnePlus, HTC, LG, Sony, Google Nexus, etc.

How to Retrieve Deleted Messages on Android

Here you need to download and install the free trial version of this Android Data Recovery on your computer before the text message recovery.

Step 1. Run the program and choose "Recover Lost Data". Using the USB cable to connect your Android phone with your computer. And the power of the device should be more than 20%.

recover lost data android

Step 2. You will be prompted to enable USB debugging on your Android phone. If it is not enabled, the program will detect the device version and guide you how to turn on the USB debugging from the settings.

connect android device

Step 3. After your device is detected by the program, click "Start" to allow the Android Data Recovery software to scan the deleted text messages for you.

start scan android data

Step 4. The scanning process depends on the data size of the deleted text messages on your Android space. After the scanning is done, check each text message and click "Recover" to finish the recovery.

preview lost photos android

Method 2. Recover Deleted Text Messages on Android without PC

I found that many users wondered how to recover deleted text messages on Android without pc. Actually, it is also very easy to do that.

Android Data Recovery App

If you search the keyword of "Android data recovery"; or "Android SMS recovery" on Goole play store, you will find different apps that allow you to recover deleted text messages or other data on Android phone, such as SMS Backup +, etc.

You just need to install this kind of apps on your Android device then perform the recovery without using a computer. However, this may create new data on your phone and then permanently overwrite the deleted text messages. It's also the reason why it is necessary to use Android Data Recovery on your computer to recover deleted text messages on Android.

sms backup

Restore Deleted Texts from Backup

Like iOS devices, Android users can also back up and restore the data on their Android devices. If your important text messages are lost, you can head over yo Settings and click Backup & Reset to check if there is any backup files available.

If there is the backup file, you can retrieve the texts by restoring the backup. Nevertheless, the current data and settings on your Android phone will be completely erased after the restoring process.

restore android data from backup

Method 3. Recover Deleted Text Messages from Carriers

Actually, mobile phone carriers will keep the data of each phone number for a period time. The user information includes text messages, call logs, payment activity, IP session, etc. These information is credential for everyone. They are mainly collected for legal use, such as evidences for a case. So it might be hard to recover lost text messages from your phone carriers unless you supply enough identifications.

recover android messages from carriers


While it is not easy to recover Android text messages, it is better to regularly back up your Android data, especially the text messages. And we will keep updating this article if there is any other better ways to recover text messages on Android.

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