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[2022 Update] 4 Tips to Recover Deleted Photos from Android

Android phones are a type of phone that a great many people use due to the features of high cost and excellent performance. One application people use regularly on their Android phones is Camera. The photos taken by the mobile phone are stored in the device album. As mobile phones react faster and faster, accidental deletion of data is becoming more serious. If you accidentally delete precious photos, how should you recover deleted photos from Android? Let’s discuss all the possible reasons for this issue and all the solutions ranging from simple to complex.

Part 1. Android Photos May be Deleted in Various Scenarios

Besides the reason above, here we also list the most common reasons why photos may be lost from your Android phone.

The device is water damaged.
The system or software is corrupted.
Factory reset.
Screen is broken.

recover deleted photos android

Part 2. How to Recover Deleted Photos from Android Phone

The photos that you deleted from the Android device are still saved on the invisible server unless you add new photos or other data to the device, since the new data will fully overwrite the lost photos and make them unrecoverable.

So the suggestion is not adding any new data on the device until the photos are recovered.

1. Recover Android Photos via Cloud

Sometimes, your Android photos are not permanently deleted if the cloud backup service is enabled, cause the photos will be backed up to the cloud.

If your Android photos are deleted from gallery app, they will not be deleted from the cloud. To recover the deleted photos from cloud, you need to sign into the cloud app and download the photos. For example, for the app of Google Photos, open up the photos and click ‘Save to Device’ in the upper right corner.

2. Retrieve Photos from Android via SD Card

We all know that Android phones generally have two storage disks: ROM and SD card. ROM refers to the devices’s inbuilt ROM while SD card is the external storage space for the device. There are 2 advantages to store photos and other data to SD card while on ROM. On one hand, the larger size of photos will not occupy the internal storage, which will leave more free storage for other apps. On the other hand, if you accidentally delete photos or other device data, you will have greater chance to get them back from SD card. One downside: If your phone is stolen, someone will easily steal the photos by removing the MicroSD card.

Actually, the deleted data are still remained on the inbuilt SD card until they are wiped out by new-created data. As a result, you are supposed to remove the SD card from the Android device to avoid the permanent data loss, then insert the SD card to a card reader to access and retrieve deleted photos.

sd card photo recovery

3. Recover Deleted Photos from Trash Bin

Many of the current mobile phones have a recently deleted feature. The photos deleted in the mobile phone are temporarily stored in the trash bin. After the elapsed time, the photos will be permanently deleted. If you need to recover accidentally deleted photos from Android phone, you may find the desired photos from the trash bin.

For example, if you are using a Xiaomi device, you can click the setting to find the trash bin and then recover deleted photos from the trash bin.

recover android photos from trach bin

4. How to Retrieve Deleted Photos from Android without Root

There are different kind of software developed to recover deleted photos for Android phone. We have tested and investigated these software one by one and finally made a conclusion that FoneGeek Android Data Recovery is the awesome software when it comes to recovering lost Android data. It has the highest data recovery success rate with the most professional features. With it, you can restore deleted photos on Android without backup or root.

Not only photos, you can also recover other types of data from your Samsung, LG, OnePlus, Huawei, ZTE, HTC, etc. Read the following procedures to recover photos from Android.


Step 1. Free download and install this Android Data Recovery on your computer.

Step 2. Plug the device into the computer. After the device is detected, the device model will show on the interface.

android connection

Step 3. The USB debugging mode should be opened from the settings on your Android device. After that, you should choose the data type that you need to recover, such as contacts, photos, videos, WhatsApp messages, documents, etc. Just selectively check ‘Photos’ or check all data types and click on ‘Next’.

choose data type

Step 4. The photo recovery process will be completed in a few seconds. After that process, you can find all the photos listed on the interface. If you also selected other data to scan, you can also preview other data information here.

Step 5. If you need to find the deleted photos within the shortest time, you can type the keywords in the ‘Search’ inbox. After selecting the deleted photos, click on ‘Recover’ and the selected photos will be saved on your computer.

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