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5 Ways You Can Transfer Phone Number To New iPhone 2024

Switching to a new iPhone is always exciting. However, once you get your new iPhone, the next step is often to move the data on your old phone to your new iPhone. The foremost data to move is usually your contacts so that you’re able to keep in touch with your colleagues, family, friends, etc. Migrating all your contacts to the new device should be quite an easy process. However, if you’re not sure how to go about it, you don’t have to worry at all.

In this guide, we’ll show you exactly how to transfer phone number to new iPhone using various different methods that are easy to follow and implement. With these 7 methods, you’ll be able to complete the transfer without any difficulty. So, read on for a step-by-step guide to each method.

1. Transfer Phone Number To New iPhone In One Click

Data management tools like FoneGeek iOS Backup & Restore provides an efficient way of transferring data. FoneGeek iOS Backup & Restore, in particular, is a remarkable data management tool that offers many more features compared to iTunes. It basically meets all the needs of iPhone users. It’s the best choice if you're looking to transfer contacts from your iPhone 7/8/X to your new iPhone 12/13/14.

One of its unique features is “Manage”. You can use it to easily transfer phone number to new iPhone. It allows you to transfer files from any iOS device to a computer and then to another iPhone/iPad with just a few clicks. You can as well delete unnecessary files from your iPhone so it’s able to work more efficiently. Besides that, you can Add contacts one-by-one or in bulk to your computer and transfer them to another Apple device. As it adds the contacts, the program automatically gets rid of duplicate contacts and also merges similar contacts to your iPhone.


Here’s how to transfer phone number to new iPhone using FoneGeek iOS Backup & Restore.

  • First, launch FoneGeek iOS Backup & Restore once you install it on your computer. Connect the iPhone to the PC. When the phone is connected to FoneGeek, head to the interface and click the “Manage” option.

backup restore

  • Now start to transfer the contacts using FoneGeek Manage. Click on the contacts, then select all the ones you wish to export from the iPhone to the computer. From there, click on the “Export” option to save them on your PC.

add contacts

  • Next, export the contacts from your old iPhone using the iCare Export Feature.
  • Lastly, disconnect the old phone and connect your new iPhone to which you wish to transfer the saved contacts to your PC. Simply select all the saved contacts and click the “import” option. All the saved contacts in your PC from the old phone will be transferred directly to your new iPhone.

The whole process takes just a few minutes which makes Tenorshare FoneGeek the most reliable and fastest software available online for transfering phone number to new iPhone.

2. Add Phone Number To New iPhone Through SIM Card

iPhone don’t usually store contacts on a SIM card. But, in case there are already some phone numbers on your SIM card, you can add them to your new device via the SIM card. To do that:

  • Turn off your old phone. Eject the SIM card tray using a SIM card pin.
  • Take the SIM card out of the tray. Eject the SIM tray on your new iPhone using the same SIM card pin.
  • Now, put the SIM card into the SIM tray of your new iPhone (ensure the SIM card sits properly in its slot).
  • Finally, insert the SIM card tray right back into your new iPhone and then switch on your new iPhone.

insert sim card

3. Transfer Phone Number To New iPhone via AirDrop

With AirDrop, you can just directly drop your contacts to the new iPhone. It’s a built-in feature that allows you to share your contacts one by one. It's quite an easy method but inefficient because you’ll need to repeat similar steps hundreds of times if you intend to transfer groups of contacts.

Steps on how to transfer phone number to new iPhone via AirDrop:

  • First, enable the AirDrop feature. Head to the Control Center and then turn on AirDrop on your old and new iPhone. Ensure to select the “Everyone” option on the new iPhone.

airdrop control center

  • Now open your old iPhone’s phonebook. Tap the contact you intend to send. Next, tap the “Share Contact” option, then tap “AirDrop” and select your new device. You’ll get the particular contact on your new iPhone.

share contact via airdrop

  • Simply repeat the same steps again. Once you add one contact successfully, repeat the steps above to share the other contacts.

4. Transfer Contacts from iPhone To iPhone With iTunes

Using iTunes is yet another effective method you can use to transfer contacts from your old iPhone to the new one. To achieve that, though, you'll require the two iPhones and a computer. When you have them, just follow these steps:

  • Ensure first that you've installed the latest iTunes version on your PC or Mac.
  • Launch the iTunes program and connect the old iPhone to computer.
  • In case there's a prompt message requesting access to your iPhone, just follow the steps shown on the screen to do so.
  • Head to the top toolbar and select your iPhone. On the left sidebar, click on “Info”.
  • Now tick the ‘Sync Contacts’ option and then click ‘Apply’.

sync contacts from iphone

  • Next, click Sync right at the bottom. Allow the sync process to complete.
  • Disconnect your previous iPhone from the computer and connect the new iPhone instead.
  • Go to the top toolbar again and click on your new iPhone. Head to the Info section.
  • Ensure you've ticked the ‘Sync Contacts’ option.
  • Navigate down to the Advanced section.

Head to Replace information on this iPhone and tick Contacts. Your current contacts will now get replaced with your old iPhone contacts that you've previously synced.

5. Transfer Phone Number To New iPhone via iCloud

If you don’t want to transfer phone number to new iPhone with iTunes, you can use iCloud backup instead. You can do this while setting up your new iPhone for the first time. Besides contacts, you can transfer all the other data and settings in your previous phone to your new iPhone.

Follow these steps to transfer Phone number to new iPhone with iCloud backup.

  • Ensure you’ve connected your old iPhone to Wi-Fi
  • Open the Settings app and tap your Apple ID (your name) and then choose iCloud.
  • Ensure the Contacts toggle has been turned on and select ‘iCloud Backup’.
  • Now tap on ‘Back Up Now’.

icloud backup

  • Switch on your new iPhone and follow the setup steps.
  • When you get to the Apps & Data screen, hit the ‘Restore from iCloud Backup’ option.

restore iphone from icloud

  • Sign in using your Apple ID and choose the backup that you’ve just recently made on your previous iPhone.
  • Wait as your contacts and other data transfer from your previous iPhone to the new one.
  • Finish the remaining on-screen setup steps on the new iPhone.

6. Move Phone Number To New iPhone via The iCloud Sync

In case you set up your new iPhone and you’re already using it, then you can easily transfer all contacts from your previous iPhone to it using iCloud. Follow these steps to do:

  • Ensure your previous and new iPhones are connected to Wi-Fi.
  • Check and ensure that the Apple ID and password you’ve used to sign into both devices are the same (head to settings and check your name).
  • Open ‘Settings’ on both devices, tap ‘your name’, and then choose ‘iCloud’.
  • Turn on the ‘Contacts’ toggle on both devices.
  • A pop-up message about merging contacts will show up. Tap ‘Merge’ when it does.

merge contacts

Now, your contacts will get synced between both iPhone. Wait until the process is done and then open Contacts on the new iPhone. Refresh the app by pulling down right from the top of the phone’s screen. When it’s refreshed, you’ll see all the contacts from your old iPhone on the list.


You should now be able to complete the transfer easily with any of these 7 methods. However, from the guides above, you’ll find FoneGeek iOS Backup & Restore the quickest and easiest way to transfer phone number to new iPhone. It provides the simplest and most efficient steps, plus it’s also very useful when you want to move other files like the other data and even settings on your previous iPhone to your new iPhone. It’s the method we would highly recommend.

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