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iPhone Proximity Sensor Not Working? Here are 6 Real Fixes

Do you know the proximity sensor feature on iPhone? The iPhone screen will be closed automatically when the proximity sensor detects some object near the screen to avoid touching the buttons on the screen during the phone calls. This feature is very practical. There will be many troubles once iPhone proximity sensor stops working. On one hand, the mute and sensor keys will always be touched by accident. On the other hand, you cannot even close the screen manually during the phone call. Here, we are going to discussing several trustworthy solutions to fix iPhone proximity sensor not working before contacting the Apple store.

Why is iPhone Proximity Sensor Not Working?

Here are the reasons for the malfunction of your iPhone proximity sensor.

Device dropped on the floor: Sometimes, invisible damage will arise when the device is dropped don a solid floor. Just like the blunt force trauma will result in internal bleeding to a human being, the same thing can also happen to an iPhone. Any small parts on iPhone may lead to the sensor issue.
Screen replacement: If your iPhone screen if broken for dropping on the floor and you have to replace the screen, to replace the screenshot, you need to open up the device and put it back. New problems will arise for it.
System errors: Have you installed the newest iOS 13 or iOS 12, system or app bugs will arise for the iOS update, such as the proximity sensor not working problem.

Tip 1. Clean the iPhone Display - Quickest Tip

To save time and effort, the first thing you need to try is to clean up the device screen with a clean cloth. Sometimes, too much dust or particles will also affect the proximity sensor feature. To clean the display, take off the device case and use a soft cloth to clean the screen and display carefully.

clean iphone screen

Tip 2. Hard Reboot iPhone

It sounds like a cliché, but it usually works to bring an iPhone to normal, no matter what the problems are. So when you encountered the proximity sensor not working issue, hard restart the device will be the "one size fits all" solution. Simply restart your iPhone now and check whether the issue is resolved. You can try more than one time if the 1st restart is not working.

turn off and turn on iphone

Tip 3. Put iPhone into DFU Mode

All iOS devices are built and developed with the default firmware structure. These devices are working based on the fundamental structures. Thus to put the device into DFU mode will easily fix different iPhone issues. However, after carrying out the DFU restore, all the device data will be deleted permanently. We strongly suggest you make a full backup of your iPhone data first. To put the iPhone into DFU more, follow the below steps.

Step 1.Firstly, connect the iPhone to your computer (Windows or Mac), then open iTunes.

Step 2. Then, pressing and holding the Power and Home button for 8 seconds simultaneously.

Step 3. Now, you can release the Power button while still hold and press the Home button. The message of ‘iTunes has detected an iPhone in recovery mode.’ Will pop up.

Step 4. When you view this message in iTunes, you could releasee the Home button afterwards. You iPhone is successfully put in DFU mode and the screen will go black.

Step 5. Finally, restart the device to check this proximity sensor is resolved or not.

itunes recovery mode

Tip 4. Reset All Settings

You can try to reset all setting on iPhone If nothing else works. This way, all the iPhone settings will be set to factory defaults. Do the following steps: Go to Settings > General > Reset, select ‘Reset All Settings’ option and enter the passcode to continue.

reset all settings iphone

Tip 5. Update Firmware Package with FoneGeek iOS System Recovery (No Data Loss)

FoneGeek iOS System Recovery (iOS 15 supported) is developed by professional tech experts to quickly fix all iPhone and iPad issues. It is always considered as the first choice when it comes to fixing iOS issues. Why? You can fix any errors you encountered on your iOS devices in one click with the program, and it is 100% safe to use.

This iOS System Recovery is highly recommended by PC Advisor, PC World, etc. With high-tech technology, iOS System Recovery performs better to fix iPhone issues than iTunes, including iPhone stuck on black screen, white screen, bricked, boot loop, wifi issues, etc.

Download the iOS System Recovery on your computer and run it. Then you can do the following steps to fix the iPhone proximity sensor not working issue.


Step 1. Click ‘iOS System Recovery’ on the main interface. Then use an USB cord to connect your iPhone to computer. And click ‘Next’ button.

choose ios system recovery

Step 2. According the the instructions on the interface, put the device into DFU mode.

put device into dfu recovery mode

Step 3. After the device being detected, the most appropriate firmware package will be displayed. The firmware available will be used to fix any iPhone issues.

Step 4. Click ‘Repair’ button, then the fixing process will get started smoothly.

download firmware package

Tip 6. Erase iPhone Data and Settings with iTunes

Before trying this method, you need to know that all your iPhone data will be erased. Think twice before you leap, not too reckless. Since the whole process will take for a while, so you should check whether or not the battery is fully charged first. Here are the steps in detail.

Step 1. Turn off your device first, then keep pressing the hold the Home button.

Step 2. Run iTunes on your PC or Mac, connect the device to computer using a digital cable (Keep pressing the Home button).

Step 3. When the device is connected with iTunes, release the Home button until the ‘Connect to iTunes’ icon displayed on the screen.

put iphone into recovery mode

Step 4. iTunes will then detect that your iPhone is in Recovery Mode. You need to restore the iPhone before it can be used with iTunes. Click OK to restore the iPhone.


We know that bugs and issues on iPhone are unavoidable, we can always look for different ways to fix such issues before taking it to the Apple store, or it will be costly. This is also the reason why iOS System Recovery is released. Any iOS issues and bugs can be fixed with this program in one click.

Edwin J. Parke

As a professional writer who is interested in technology, Edwin J. Parke has helped thousands of users by offering various tips to solve their problems.

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