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5 Ways to Transfer Phone Number to New iPhone 2022

Mobile phone has become a necessity of our life. Getting a new iPhone is obviously something worthy to be happy. But most people will always get into trouble after changing to new iPhone. One of the most annoying things is ensuring that all the contacts are transferred to the new device. Well, this thing should not worry you. Described below are some solutions to efficiently transfer phone number to new iPhone.

Way 1. Transfer Phone Number to New iPhone in One Click

It is fairly simple to transfer phone number from one phone to another with FoneGeek Phone Transfer (iOS 13 supported). Almost all data can be transferred between 2 devices with this program, regardless of the os systems. Here are the main features of this program that you need to have a good understand:

  • Transfer all contact from Android or iPhone device to a new iPhone withing one click.
  • Almost all contacts are supported to be transferred, such as contacts, text messages, photos, videos, voice memos, calendars, reminders, music, call logs, etc.
  • The highest transferring speed is guaranteed. You can transfer all the content within 3 minutes.
  • Thousands of Android and iOS devices are supported, including Huawei, Samsung, HTC, LG, Xiaomi, iPhone 11, etc.
  • No need to worry about reliability here. This program is 100% safe to use and is recommended by many sites.

Before looking at the procedures below, you should get FoneGeek program downloaded on your computer.

Step 1. Open the phone transfer software and click on ‘Phone Transfer’ function.

fonegeek home

Step 2. Connect both your old phone and the new iPhone to computer with 2 USB cables. FoneGeek will soon detect the 2 devices and display them as the ‘Source’ device and ‘Destination’ device.

select contacts to transfer

Step 3. To transfer contacts, you need to select ‘Contacts’ from the category and hit on ‘Start Transfer’ to start transferring the contacts.

lost iphone messages without backup

Throughout this process, ensure that both the devices are connected with the program. You will get a notification when the contacts are successfully transferred to the new iPhone.

Way 2. Transfer Phone Number to New iPhone with the Same Service Carrier

If the carrier of the old device and the new iPhone is the same, you can transfer the phone number via SIM card. Now, you can use the guide below to get started.

  • Turn off the old iPhone and find the SIM card tray. If the version of the old iPhone is very old, then its SIM card may not be inserted to the SIM card tray of the new iPhone. You should then contact the carrier provider for more assistance.
  • Insert the Ejection Pin into the card tray of the old iPhone to extract the SIM card. You can also use a needle instead if you cannot find the Ejection Pin.
  • Then pull out the SIM card of the new iPhone with the same Ejection Pin. Then place the SIM card of the old iPhone to the new iPhone. The SIM card should be locked in the right place.
  • After the process is finished, turn on the new iPhone and all the phone numbers saved on the SIM card will be listed on your new iPhone.

Way 3. Transfer Phone Number to New iPhone via Move to iOS

Here are the steps to transfer phone number to new iPhone from Android device via Move to iOS.

Step 1. Search Move to iOS app and install it on your Android device. The wifi should be enabled on this device and the ensure that the 2 devices connect to the same network.

Step 2. After installing Move to iOS on your Android device, click on ‘Continue’ and accept the terms and conditions.

Step 3. Reset your new iPhone and select ‘Move Data from Android’ under the option of ‘Apps & Data’.

move data from android

Step 4. Click on ‘Continue’ and the 6-digit code will appear on iPhone. Enter this code into the Android device and the ‘Transfer Data’ screen will appear.

Step 5. Select ‘Contacts’ and click on ‘Next’ to transfer contacts from the Android device to new iPhone. You just need to wait until the transferring bar is finished on iPhone.

Way 4. Transfer Phone Number to iPhone via Gmail

For users who don’t want to install the 3rd-party software or application to transfer contacts to new iPhone, they can use Gmail. However, this can be time-consuming as all the contacts must be transferred via wifi.

Step 1. On the Android device, go to Settings > Accounts > Google to enable sync feature. This will ensure that the contacts are synced to the Google account.

sync contacts andriod

Step 2. After syncing the contacts to the Gmail account on Android device, you should sign in to the Gmail account on your iPhone by heading over to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendar > Add Account > Google.

transfer phone number via gmail

Step 3. Now, switch on the sync option for Contacts from the Gmail account settings to move contacts to iPhone.


As what you see in this article, it doesn’t need to be hard to transfer phone number to new iPhone. These solutions may be not straightforward but they can get this transferring work done without much effort or knowledge.

Fay J. Melton

Fay J. Melton has explored the area of technology and software for more than 5 years and he is enthusiastic about helping users solve various technology issues.

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