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Best 4 AI Voice Generator for Dagoth Ur AI Voice

Dagoth Ur AI voice is an excellent option to consider if you're looking for an ideal AI voice for various creative projects. However, to sound exactly like Dagoth Ur, you'll need the best Dagoth Ur AI voice generator to deliver high-quality audio results. Herein, we'll look at several effective Dagoth Ur AI voice generators and let you know what they offer and why they're the best to consider. Before checking them out, though, let's learn something small about Dagoth Ur.

Who is Dagoth Ur?

Dagoth Ur features in the Morrowind (The Elder Scrolls III) RPG game as the main antagonist. The game came out in 2002 and in it, Dagoth Ur is an immortal leader of an evil secret cult that's known as Sixth House or House Dagoth, which is made up of an army of Ash Vampires. The ultimate goal of Dagoth Ur, backed by his army of Ash Vampires is to be a god and attain divine power, and he intends to do so by spreading disease (blight) in every land of Morrowind and also in the entire world.

dagoth ur ai voice

Who is Behind Dagoth Ur's Voice?

The man behind Dagoth Ur's voice is a British actor called Doug Cockle and this is not the only character he has voiced. He also voiced Geralt of Rivia, the character in the fantasy series, The Witcher. His work generally spans from video games to stage productions.

However, his voice acting as Dagoth Ur stood out the most as he received lots of praises from fans of the Morrowind game. In fact, it's his exemplary delivery that made Dagoth Ur's line, "I am the Sixth House" very popular and iconic amongst fans.

Top 4 Dagoth Ur Voice AI Generators to Consider

Using the best Dagoth Ur voice AI changer guarantees high-quality audio results as most use advanced AI voice technology to recreate the Dagoth Ur voice with very high accuracy. With that in mind, here are the best Dagoth Ur AI voice generators you can try.

FoneGeek Voice Changer

FoneGeek Voice Changer is without a doubt the best and most reliable Dagoth Ur AI voice text to speech generator in the industry. What sets this excellent software apart is its advanced AI algorithms that replicate the voice of Dagoth Ur with impressive accuracy. The Dagoth Ur's voice that it generates nearly resembles the original voice of the character, allowing you to make high-quality audio or video content.

Other than converting text to audio with Dagoth Ur AI voice, the software also allows you to do voice cloning and other functions like speech to text conversion and voice recording. You can equally edit the produced voice using the software as it offers a variety of editing options and also over 3200 other AI voices that you can choose and use besides the Dagoth Ur AI voice.

Main features of FoneGeek Voice Changer:

  • Do text to speech conversion, voice cloning, voice recording, speech to text, etc.
  • Access Dragoth voice and more than 3200 other AI voices.
  • Over 46 languages are available and over 100 accents are supported too.
  • Various parameters like Pitch, Emphasis, and Pause for editing the generated voice.
  • Intuitive interface for easy navigation of the software.
  • Export the generated audio in various different formats.


  • The Dagoth Ur AI voice is authentic and of high quality.
  • It processes the text to audio in a matter of seconds.
  • It has included several good features in its free version.
  • You can generate the AI voice of many other characters from games and cartoons.


  • You have to download and install the tool on your device to use it.
  • The voice cloning function is not provided in the free trial version.

How to make Dagoth Ur AI voice using FoneGeek Voice Changer

  • Install this software on your computer.
  • Launch it after installation and select the Text to Speech function.
  • Choose the Dagoth Ur AI voice and input/paste your text/script in the text box.
  • Adjust the voice the way you want using pitch, emphasis, and other editing parameters.
  • Now generate the audio with Dagoth Ur AI voice by hitting the "Convert" button and then export the file.

imyfone magicmic


MorphVOX is yet another highly professional Dagoth Ur voice AI generator. What sets it apart is its premium features. First, it has a large library of various voices and sound effects, including Dagoth Ur's voice and the voices of other characters in games and cartoons. Secondly, the software utilizes a powerful voice-changing algorithm to deliver quality voices that sound exactly like the original characters.

It offers a TTS-morphing engine for generating text-to-speech voice as well as a voice-over feature where you can add your own voice. There are also tools to tweak each of the voices to your liking and the software as well includes a background noise cancellation feature that you can use to get a clear audio output. Moreover, you can fully integrate MorphVOX with your chat programs or online games.



  • Has an authentic Dagoth Ur AI voice and a wide selection of other AI voices.
  • Provides voice morphing, audio effects, TTS, and other advanced features.
  • Offers a background noise cancellation feature to ensure clear audio output.
  • You can fully integrate it with popular gaming and social media platforms.
  • You can create and save your own custom voice.


  • There are not many features and voices offered in MorphVOX's free version.
  • Some users may find advanced features like voice morphing complex to use effectively.
  • It's a resource-intensive software that may cause slower performance in case you use it on a device that's less powerful.


Unlike FoneGeek Voice Changer and MorphVOX, Fakeyou is an online Dagoth Ur AI voice text to speech generator, which means you don't have to install it on your device. You can use it to generate Dagoth Ur AI voice right from your browser using its TTS service. It does offer the voice cloning feature too hence you can convert your own voice recording to Dagoth Ur AI voice.

The platform has a user-friendly interface that even the beginners will find not a challenge to navigate. There are not so many advanced voice editing options but it has a decent variety of other voices (over 2400) that you can use besides Dagoth Ur AI voice and all of them sound quite accurate. Though the platform is free, it has a paid subscription plan where you can access advanced features.



  • You get an accurate Dagoth Ur AI voice that you can customize to your preference.
  • Over 2400 IA voices plus more than 30 languages are available on the platform.
  • You can perform text-to-speech conversion or do voice cloning.
  • It's a fully online platform and takes only seconds to generate a voice.


  • Most advanced features are only available in the paid subscription plan.
  • The performance might be slow if you have a poor internet connection.


VoiceMod is equally a bit different from the rest in terms of operation. It's a real-time AI voice generator and a soundboard. You can use it not only to change your voice in recorded audio but also in real-time like when streaming, playing video games, or during a phone call. This versatile Dagoth Ur voice AI program provides more than 90 voices and effects, which include a very realistic Dagoth Ur AI voice. It also includes a voicelab feature that you can use to make your own unique voice skin.

Moreover, the program lets you fine-tune the produced Dagoth Ur's voice the way you want by adjusting the pitch, tune, and frequency. The best part is that it's compatible with most programs and games like Minecraft, Fortnite, League of Legends, Discord, Streamlabs OBS software, Skype, etc. So, after you're done editing the Dagoth Ur's voice, you can add it to your video or directly use it in the game you want or in your favourite streaming or chatting platform.



  • It has a broad library of quality AI voices like the Dagoth Ur AI voice.
  • You get real-time voice conversation and soundboard features.
  • It allows users to create their own voice skins and voice identities.
  • It has several voice editing options like pitch, tone, and speed adjustment.
  • It integrates with popular gaming, streaming, and social media platforms.


  • There are limited AI voices and sound effects when using the free version.
  • It sometimes crashes and have bugs according to reports from various users.
  • You may find the full version to be on the higher price end.

Dagoth Ur AI Voice FAQs

Q1. Is the Dagoth Ur AI Voice identical to the voice of the original character?

The accuracy of the Dagoth Ur AI voice is superb compared to the voice of the original actor or Dagoth Ur character but it's not entirely identical. Despite the tremendous innovations and improvements done on AI-generated voices, there are still subtle nuances that are hard to recreate perfectly. The human touch of the voice actors is another aspect that still remains challenging to replicate too.

Q2. Are there ethical issues regarding AI-generated voices such as Dagoth Ur Voice?

Yes. By and large, there are various ethical concerns that surround the use of AI-generated voices. Some of the commonly cited ethical issues are voice ownership, consent, and the possibility of misuse or misrepresentation of some of the AI voices. Although these are currently the major areas of concern, respecting the rights and also the privacy of others, and always using AI voice technology responsibly is really important and should be encouraged.

Q3. Will human voice actors be replaced by AI voices such as Dagoth Ur AI Voice?

Not actually. The idea behind AI-generated voices is not to take over the role of human voice actors. They do have their benefits no doubt, but the performance of human voice actors is often characterized by a blend of unique creativity, interpretations, and emotions, which are challenging to replicate. So, the talent and skills of human voice actors are still invaluable, but AI voices will certainly complement and even make the industry better.

Q4. Does Dagoth Ur AI voice get constantly improved or updated?

Yes. There's constant improvement of AI voice technologies every day so they are getting better and better with new innovations coming out on a regular basis. The best way to get hold of the new versions or updates of Dagoth Ur AI voice is to ensure you follow the developers on their official channels or constantly check their websites so that you're always notified or informed when there's any announcements or new releases.

Q5. How do I get Dagoth Ur AI voice integrated into my software or application?

Well, not every AI voice generator is compatible with external systems or support integration of AI-generated voices such as Dagoth Ur voice into other applications or software. But, some do provide SDKs and APIs for developers to use to integrate AI-generated voices into their applications. Always ensure to go through the documentation first to confirm availability of integration options or get in touch with the developers to know if the integration is possible.

Q6. Does Dagoth Ur AI Voice work with popular voice communication platforms?

The possibility of Dagoth Ur AI voice being compatible with communication platforms or software comes down to the particular AI voice technology used to generate it. There are AI voice generators like VoiceMod supporting integration with popular communication platforms and there are others being only compatible with the help of extra steps and plugins.


As you can seen, there are Dagoth Ur AI voice generators to give you authentic Dagoth Ur AI voice, suitable for gaming, streaming, or adding to any of your creative projects. Of the four options, though, FoneGeek Voice Changer is the most reliable and the most versatile with regard to the variety of voice modification features it offers. The Dagoth Ur AI voice it produces is so accurate and clear even without using the various editing parameters for enhancing the quality of the voice. It simply delivers authentic and quality AI voices, perfect for a broad range of projects.

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