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6 Quick Solutions to Bypass "Find My iPhone Won't Turn Off" Issue

The Find My iPhone function, which allows you to find and lock your iPhone even if you don’t have it with you, is an excellent method to prevent  it from being lost or stolen. You should disable Find My iPhone if you decide to sell your iPhone. However, some users find they won’t turn off Find My iPhone in certain circumstances.

If you are confronting this issue, you can turn off the Find My iPhone setting, entering your password, and pressing Turn Off. If you see the below-mentioned error messages:

  • Verification Failed.
  • The username or password is wrong.
  • The issue registering the iPhone with iCloud.

You may need advanced methods when Find My iPhone won't turn off.

Part 1. Why Can’t I Turn Off Find My iPhone

To understand this issue better, we sort out some possible reasons behind it.

  • Your iPhone is not set up with the correct iCloud account.
  • There are some limitations on your iPhone.
  • Some damaged files may prevent Find My iPhone from turning off.  

Read the solutions below to resolve the issue, no matter what the cause is.

Part 2. What Can I Do When Find My iPhone Won’t Turn Off

Turning off Find My iPhone is functional if you want to keep your whereabouts secret or sell your device, or for any other reasons. However, the causes discussed in the above section will keep you from turning off Find My iPhone. There are several possibilities to resolve it; select the one that perfectly fits you. 

2.1 Turn on Location Services

If you don’t turn on location services, Apple won’t let you turn off Find My iPhone manually. Check if Location Services is enabled or not. Follow the procedures below to do it using the “Settings” option; 

  • Navigate to Settings > Privacy > Location Services on your iPhone
  • Enable the “Location Services” function. 

turn on iphone location services

Enabling location services will let your iPhone accept your Apple ID credentials. After that, try to disable Find My iPhone through Settings and iCloud.

2.2 Remove Your Device from iCloud

Even if you don’t have access to the previous owner’s iCloud credentials, you can disable the Find My iPhone feature by removing your device from iCloud.

For Windows Users:

  • Navigate to the official iCloud website and sign into your iCloud account.
  • From its primary interface, select “Find My iPhone” and “All Devices” at the top of your PC screen.
  • Select the device you want to remove. When you select a device, the cross icon will appear on the right side of the device. Click “Remove My Account” to remove the device.

remove from account

For Mac Users:

  • Go to “System Preferences” and select “iCloud”. Following that, choose “Account Details”.
  • You must now enter your Apple ID password and click “Continue”. Then, click the “Devices” option on the account details page.
  • Finally, choose the device you want to remove and click “Remove from Account”.

remove device from icloud mac

2.3 Disable Passcode from Settings

This method may sound irrational, but it works for some iPhone users to turn off Find My iPhone. So it’s worth a try.

  • Go to the “Settings” menu to do so.
  • Select the “Face ID & Passcode” section for the most recent versions. For previous models, choose “Touch ID & Passcode”.
  • Then disable ‘iPhone Passcode’.

After that, deactivate the passcode, and you will be able to now turn off your Find My iPhone feature.

disable passcode from settings

Reset All Settings

Resetting your device is also a great method to remove minor bugs. Since this will erase all the iPhone data, think twice before using this method.

  • Go to Settings and click on ‘General’ tab.
  • In the General interface, tap on ‘Transfer or Reset iPhone’ option.
  • Then click ‘Erase All Content and Settings’ and enter the Apple ID Passcode to proceed.

reset all settings

After that, restart your iPhone and check whether Find My iPhone can be turned off.

Part 3. Can’t Turn Off Find My iPhone Because You Forgot the Passcode?

3.1 Put iPhone into Recovery Mode and Restore

If the above solutions are not working or if you’ve forgotten your Apple ID passcode, try restoring your iPhone and setting it as a new one. However, your iPhone data may be lost throughout this process. So consider backing up your iPhone to iCloud or another external storage place before using this approach. Following are ways to put iPhones of different versions into recovery mode and then restore;

iPhone 6 and earlier: Press the power button and home button together.

iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus: Press and hold the power button and volume down button simultaneously.

iPhone 8 and later

  • Press and release the Volume Up button.
  • Then, press and release the Volume Down button.
  • Press and hold the Power button until the recovery mode screen comes.

iphone recovery mode

Further, follow the below steps that are common for all versions to complete the procedure;

  • Launch iTunes on the computer.
  • Connect it through the device USB cable.
  • iTunes will determine that your iPhone is in Recovery mode.
  • Finally, tap the “OK” button to Restore your iPhone.

itunes recovery mode

3.2 Turn off Find My iPhone without Passcode Using FoneGeek

If you are still unable to turn off Find My Phone, you can consider FoneGeek iPhone Passcode Unlocker, which will effectively defeat Various iPhone locks to regain Your iPhone and address the Find My iPhone issue. Follow the instructions below to use FoneGeek iPhone Passcode Unlocker to solve the problem in minutes.


  • Download and install FoneGeek iPhone Passcode Unlocker on your computer, then run the application and choose the “Unlock Apple ID” option from the home screen.
  • Connect your iPhone or iPad to the PC using a USB cord, and the program will prompt you to unlock the screen and hit “Trust” if you haven’t already.
  • To erase the Apple ID and iCloud account presently linked to your iPhone or iPad, tap the “Start Unlock” button.

successfully remove apple id

Part 4. What You Want to Know About Find My iPhone

Q1. Does Find My phone still work if the phone is off?

Yes, Find My iPhone still works even if you have turned off the device or the device is stolen. Therefore, it is recommended to enable Find My iPhone to find your lost iPhone.

Q2. What happens when you turn off FMI?

If you turn off FMI, you will no longer be able to track your device if it is lost or stolen. For example, if you’ve misplaced your iPhone, you can’t even check its location on a map or play a sound to find it. Turning this feature off also turns off the activation lock, making your device more prone to unauthorized use and other people locating and tracing your personal data.

Q3. What will happen if you don’t turn off Find My iPhone

Turning it off before selling or buying is suggested because if this is not done, you can always locate your iPhone and see the location on the map. Also, the play sound to find your device will remain turned on with this FMI feature.

Final Words

The article covers the most valuable methods when Find My iPhone won't turn off. First, evaluate all of the techniques provided and try them out to solve the problem. Then, use FoneGeek iPhone Passcode Unlocker to solve the problem quickly and easily. We hope you found this article valuable.

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