Forgot iPhone Passcode Without Restore?4 Ways to Fix it

As an iPhone or iPad user, have you ever encountered an issue of forgetting the password to unlock your iPhone? Although Touch ID or Face ID is in widespread use to unlock the device, accidents always happen from time to time, you may forget the password because you have not used the password for a long time or you just changed the password a few days ago. You must admit that Apple's protection of user privacy is very professional, and you will get embarrassed when you forget the iPhone password. So, you need to look at this article. In this article, we have introduces several effective ways to bypass it when you forgot iPhone passcode without restore.

1. Forgot iPhone Passcode without Restore Using Siri

In this way, we will introduce how to unlock iPhone without restore using Siri. Yes, what you read is right. Siri can be used to unlock iPhone without restore. Let’s glance over the steps below:

Step 1. First of all, you need to turn on Siri feature. To do this, keep pressing and hold the home button and Siri will be activated immediately on iPhone. It will now react spontaneously to your voices. Then speak ‘Hey Siri, what time is it?’ and Siri will display the clock on the screen. Click the clock.

activate clock app

Step 2. The time zones all over the world will be listed as below. Click ‘+’ icon to add one more clock.

all more clock

Step 3. Enter any texts in the search box, pressing the text and click ‘Select All’ option.

select all texts

Step 4. Then click ‘Share’ button to initial the process.

share clock

Step 5. There are several apps you can share the texts to, just click ‘Message’ app.

click message

Step 6. On the text draft screen, enter any texts you want and click ‘Return’ button.

tap on return button

Step 7. Hit on Add icon and choose “Create new Contact” option.

add new contact

Step 8. When you are editing the new contact, click ‘Add photo’ and choose the photo from your iPhone album.

upload photo

Step 9. You will soon reach to the Home screen after 3-5 seconds.

unlock iphone

2. Unlock iPhone Without Restore Using Find My iPhone

It will only take several minutes to unlock iPhone with Find My iPhone. One of the most powerful features of Find My iPhone is to erase iPhone. It securely removes iPhone passcode without entering the password. The simple steps to get it accomplished is as below:

Step 1. If you have one computer or a device that you have access to, enter in the browser to visit this site.

Step 2. After entering your iCloud account and password, click ‘All Devices’ and the iOS devices using the same iCloud account will be listed. Select your iPhone and select the option of ‘Erase iPhone’. The screen passcode will soon be removed.

3. Unlock iPhone Passcode Without Restore Using Professional Unlock Tool

Under this part, professional FoneGeek iPhone Passcode Unlocker is an extremely secure program to unlock your iPhone passcode without restore the device. Whenever your iPhone is locked, stuck on Recovery mode /DFU mode, black screen, white screen, blue screen, boot loop, restarting or having any other issues, FoneGeek iPhone Passcode Unlocker will always be your preferred choices. Now unlock your iPhone passcode by the following steps.


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Step 1. Download this unlock toolkit on your Windows or Mac system computer. After running this program, hit on"Unlock Screen Passcode" option.

unlock screen passcode

Step 2. Then you need to connect your locked iPhone to computer with a lightning cable.

Step 3. The program will prompt you to put the device into dfu mode. If you have no idea of it, just follow the instructions on this window.

enter dfu mode

Step 4. In this step, you will find that the program will intelligently detect the iOS version and phone serial number of your iPhone. Check whether the information are correct or select the detail yourself. Then click "Download" button.

download firmware

Step 5. When the firmware is downloaded successfully, click on "Unlock Now". The system will automatically erase your iPhone passcode. Your device will soon restart without any passcode.

successfully unlock ios screen

4. Forgot iPhone Passcode Without Restore Using iTunes

Is it possible to unlock iPhone without restore? Actually, the answer is no. To erase the passcode of iPhone, you need to restore the device with iTunes first. Restore iPhone with iTunes will inevitably erase all the data. So it is very essential to check whether you have backed up your iPhone before it is locked. Also, you need to make sure that an iTunes backup is available on your computer, or you will be required to trust the computer on your iPhone.

Step 1. Take your locked iPhone out and connect it to computer. If the device has trusted the computer before, it will automatically connect with computer and iTunes,

Step 2. After running iTunes, your device icon will be displayed in the left sidebar. Click this icon and select ‘Summary’ tab.

Step 3. In the next step, click ‘Restore iPhone’ and choose the newest iTunes backup to restore the locked iPhone.

Step 4. After that process, you will see that you can have access to the locked iPhone again, then reset the passcode.

restore ios system

After reading this post, you will definitely know how to unlock iPhone without restore. By comparison, FoneGeek iPhone Passcode Unlocker is the best choice to unlock iPhone without store or without passcode. It works with almost all versions of iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. What’s more, this software is user-friendly to use without the knowledge of any technology. And your iPhone data will not get damaged or lost.


By Joan J. Mims

Posted on Mar 03, 2019, 22:40:31

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