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4 Best iCloud Login Finder Online Free in 2024

Have you purchased a used iPhone and are unable to access the iCloud account details? Well, the simplest way out is to connect with the original iPhone owner and ask them for the credentials.

But what if you don’t know about the actual iPhone owner or don’t have their contact information? In that case, you need a special iCloud login finder online that can either retrieve the iCloud account details or remove the existing iCloud account.

Here’s the comprehensive guide to the best iCloud login finder online that might help you in such cases, along with the ultimate solution to unlock the iCloud account easily.

Part 1. What is iCloud Login Finder Software?

iCloudloginfinder, ifinder 2021 or iCloud finder login is a software that removes the activation lock without Apple ID. It is compatible with all Apple devices, including iPod, iPad, iPhones, or Apple watch as well.

Part 2. 4 Best iCloud Login Finder Online Tools

2.1 iPhone Unlock ZonE

iPhone Unlock Zone is one of the leading iCloud login finders to opt for. This software is available online and allows you to track the Apple ID of the actual phone owner. Make use of the IMEI number and retrieve Apple ID and contact information in no time.

Official website address: https://www.iphoneunlock.zone/unlock-check/


  • No need to Jailbreak.
  • You can get all the information - ID, password, email, address, phone number of old user.
  • Results are emailed to you.


  • It doesn't erase the owner’s iCloud account.
  • Time-taking process.
  • It is not a free app.

iphone unlock zone

2.2 IMEI Phone Unlock

IMEI Phone Unlock is used to fetch the essential information from the iCloud account. Additionally, you can also use this program to find emails related to the specific with iCloud ID and to carry out the background checks on the account.

Official website address: https://www.imeiunlocksim.com/unlock-phone/icloud-activation-lock-removal-services/


  • It allows you to sync multiple apple devices on one iCloud account.
  • The program can easily track stolen or lost devices.


  • You only get access to the owner’s account, but it does not delete the iCloud account.
  • It takes about two to three days to unlock the phone.
  • The program isn’t available for free and you need to pay before using it.

imei phone unlock

2.3 UltraSnow

Ultrasnow is the iCloud login finder online that gets the job done relatively faster than previous apps. It helps in retrieving the contact information of the original phone owner to unlock the Apple ID.

Official website address: https://unlock.ultrasnow.eu/unlock-icloud-activation-lock/


  • It allows you to connect with the original owner of the iPhone.
  • Provides authentic information quickly even when the phone is lost or stolen.


  • It takes a longer time, around two days, to complete the process.
  • Cannot remove the iCloud account directly.


2.4 Unlock Base

Unlock Base would be a great choice if you are looking forward to gaining access to the account details. This program just offers info related to the actual iCloud account and will neither provide a password nor remove the iCloud lock from the phone.

Official website address: https://www.unlockbase.com/unlock-phone/


  • It has an impressive 80% success rate.
  • It lets you access the contact info of the original iPhone owner.


  • You cannot erase an iCloud account using the app.
  • The interface takes time to show results.

unlock base

Part 3. Risks of Using iCloud Login Finder Online

Before you jump up and down about finding the best iCloud login finder online, let us also mention that using online tools has its risks. You need to pay keen attention to the list of disadvantages and make a wise choice accordingly.

Data Security compromised: While you use the online iCloud login finder, there are high chances that your data will get transferred onto the website.

Internet Dependency: Since the unlocking task accomplishes online, a weak internet connection might interrupt the lock removing process and get you in unnecessary hassle.

Data Loss: There are high chances you might lose some data from iCloud or the phone.

Part 4. No Need iCloud Login Finder Online - Remove iCloud Directly

If you are searching for an app that gets the work done in a snap, then the FoneGeek iPhone Passcode Unlocker might be the best bet.

This unlocker software doesn’t require any jailbreak and swiftly gets you the needed information required for unlocking the iCloud account. It completely removes the lock and allows you to reset everything.

Instead of taking 2 to 3 days, it unlocks the phone within three minutes. This app has a simple user interface, making it convenient to use.


Here's how to use it:

Step 1: Download the Fonegeek iPhone passcode unlocker on computer. Launch it and wait for the home screen to show up. Now, select the ‘Unlock Apple Id’ option on the main screen and move further.

unlock apple id

Step 2: You can now connect your iPhone device to the computer using the USB cable.

trust iphone to pc

Step 3: Click on 'Start Unlock’ if Find my iPhone is disabled on your phone and wait until the process gets completed.

start to unlock apple id

Step 4: Set up your iPhone first by tapping Settings > General > Reset all settings, if the 'Find my Phone' is turned on on your phone.

After that, it intimates you about the progress, and you are sorted!

successfully remove apple id

Write in the End

An iCloud account holds all our precious memories and data. Losing the login access to it is a massive disappointment for many. No worries! All the iCloud login finders online that we mentioned above will assist you in taking back the reins of iCloud. Fonegeek iPhone Passcode Unlocker is a beautiful addition to the list. If you are okay with the fact that the entire data of the old iCloud account will be erased, you can undoubtedly place your bets on it. Now that you have all the information, get your iCloud account back soon!

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