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Can You Unlock Face ID While Sleeping?

From iPhone X to the later models, Apple has been using Face ID instead of Touch ID for unlocking its iPhone. This new facial recognition technology offered a more secure and convenient way to unlock iOS devices, sign in to apps, authenticate purchases, and more.

However, have you ever wondered if you can unlock Face ID while sleeping? Or rather, do you know how to unlock Face ID while sleeping? These are questions many users have thought about since this technology was introduced and so did people at Apple.

Part 1. Can Face ID Work While Asleep?

You won’t unlock Face ID if you’re sleeping because your eyelids would be closed yet Face ID requires eye contact for it to function. It detects the eyes and then checks whether they’re opened or not, and from there it unlocks the iPhone. Therefore, if you’re sleeping, someone has to open your eyelids in order to unlock your Face ID while sleeping, which is highly unlikely. As such, we can certainly conclude that it’s not possible to unlock Face ID while sleeping for the fact that the system needs to detect the face as well as the eyes for it to work.

The Technology Behind Face ID

Face ID utilizes an advanced facial recognition technology that Apple calls the “TrueDepth camera system”. This system comprises multiple light projectors and sensors that it uses to take multiple pictures of your facial features which it then stores them so that it can compare them when needed. It generally captures a 3D map of the face, plus the camera utilizes Infrared Light when taking the pictures, which means Face ID is able to work anywhere, anytime.

can you unlock face id while sleeping

Part 2. FAQs About iPhone Face ID

Can Face ID be tricked by twins?

There’s a chance that twins or siblings can crack the Face ID feature. This is what Apple said in an event back then in 2017 according to Gadget Hacks. They claim that Apple said that Face ID allows only up to five unsuccessful match attempts after which a passcode is required.

Can you really unlock Face ID using a picture?

Almost half of the older Android phones have a facial recognition system which according to a Dutch study it can be fooled by photographs. However, Apple’s Face ID system is very secure compared to the default Android face-unlock system. So, it’s not possible to fool Face ID with a picture.

Why is my daughter's face able to unlock my iPhone?

If your appearance changes significantly and you enter the correct passcode, you’re basically telling the Face ID system to update its 3D mapping of your face. Therefore, if your daughter is the one unlocking your iPhone by entering the correct passcode, then her face is highly likely to be also added to the face data.

Can iPhone be unlocked using Face ID without really swiping up?

Yes. You can do this by setting the Back tap feature in Accessibility - you can set Double tap, Triple tap, or both. You’ll be given several options on the next screen once you choose your option. Since you want back tap so that you can unlock iPhone without actually swiping up, select the Home option. From there, you can lock and unlock the iPhone using the Face ID and then do the back tap. No swiping up will be required.

Is it possible to bypass Face ID?

Currently, there’s no any way of bypassing Face ID and passcode on iPhone. Should you forget your passcode, the only way out would be to restore the device using a backup you created before.

Part 3. Is Face ID Not Working? How Easily Can You Unlock Your iPhone?

In case for some reason Face ID is not working or it malfunctions, or you just want to know how to unlock Face ID while sleeping, then you can easily do that using an effective software known as the FoneGeek iPhone Passcode Unlocker. This program is a professional tool that’s able to remove all kinds of screen locks easily. It’s capable of unlocking both 4-Digit and 6-Digit passcodes, or even custom codes. The tool can also unlock Touch ID as well as Face ID.

It will unlock your iPhone whether it’s disabled, you don’t remember the passcode, you made several incorrect attempts, the Touch ID is not working, or the Face ID is not working. It doesn’t matter the scenario or situation your iPhone is in.


Here is how to use the FoneGeek iPhone Passcode Unlocker to unlock your iPhone when Face ID is not working.

  • Open the FoneGeek application once you’ve downloaded and installed it onto your PC.
  • When the home page appears, click on “Unlock Screen Passcode”.

unlock screen passcode

  • Use a USB cable to connect your device to the PC. Once you do that, FoneGeek should automatically identify your device.
  • On the next page, your device model plus matching firmware packages will be displayed. Select the appropriate firmware and click on Download.

download firmware

  • After the firmware gets downloaded, proceed and click “Start Unlock”. Ensure your device is always connected to the PC while it’s being unlocked.

start unlock

  • When the device is successfully unlocked, then set up a new Face ID, Touch ID, or passcode. From there, you can restore data with iTunes backup or iCloud.


It’s clear that it’s not possible to unlock Face ID while sleeping if use traditional methods because Apple utilizes an advanced facial recognition technology that employs a 3D mapping of your face to identify and verify your face. It basically has to detect your real face and eyes to unlock Face ID. That doesn’t mean though that there’s no other way.

You can use th FoneGeek iPhone Passcode Unlocker to overcome this. We highly recommend it because it can unlock your iPhone Face ID while sleeping very quickly with just a few clicks. So, don’t get locked out, especially if Face ID is not working. Try out the FoneGeek iPhone Passcode Unlocker.

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