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Top 5 Ways to Unlock iPhone without Home Button (iOS 14 Supported)

The Home button on your iPhone may stop working for unknown reasons and you are just in need to unlock iPhone without home button. If you are in such a situation, you will know how to unlock iPhone without pressing home button in this article.

Part 1. How to Unlock iPhone without Home Button

1.1 Unlock with Touch ID

In fact, the iOS system gives another solution to unlock iPhone screen, which is to directly unlock with the fingerprint (Touch id).

Step 1. Open Settings and General option.

Step 2. Locate the option of Accessibility and tap on it.

Step 3. Scroll down and turn on ‘Rest Finger to Open’.

rest finger to open

Then you can directly unlock the device with your fingerprint when you light up the iPhone screen.

1.2 Unlock with AssistiveTouch

The AssistiveTouch should be enabled on your iPhone before using this method.

Step 1. Visit iPhone Settings and click on General > Accessibility.

Step 2. Scroll down to turn on AssistiveTouch.

enable assistive touch

Now you can continue to unlock your iPhone without home button with the steps below.

Step 3. Click on AssistiveTouch on the home screen of your iPhone, then click on ‘Device’ and then ‘Unlock Screen’.

Step 4. Now you can enter the screen passcode to unlock the device.

unlock screen

Part 2. How to Unlock Disabled iPhone without Pressing Home Button

Accusing that your iPhone is disabled since you forgot the screen passcode, and now you need to unlock your disabled iPhone without pressing home button. Then you can use the solutions below to do that.

2.1 Using FoneGeek iOS System Recovery

If you need to unlock the disabled iPhone without home button in the shortest time, and you don’t want to lose any data either, then you can try FoneGeek iOS System Recovery.

Although the core features of this program is to fix all iOS system issues for your iPhone, iPad, including iPhone stuck on recovery mode, failed to upgrade/downgrade, black screen etc. It can also resolve the complex issue of unlocking iPhone without data loss. You don’t need to worry about the compatibility, as the program is compatible with all iOS devices and iOS versions (iPhone 11/11 Pro and iOS 13 supported).


It is totally safe to use the tool and the data on your iPhone will not be affected at all.

Step 1. Click the download button to install and launch the iOS System Recovery on your computer. This is a toolkit, so you need to select "Repair". Thne choose "iOS Repair".

ios system recovery

Step 2. Select "Standard Mode" and connect your disabled iPhone to computer and set the device into DFU mode. Next, click on "Start".

ios system recovery

Step 3. The firmware of the newest iOS version will be detected. Simply click the "Fix Now" tab to install the firmware on your iPhone and fix the device to normal.

ios system recovery

The passcode will be removed after the repair process.

ios system recovery

2.2 Via iCloud

If you have turned on Find My iPhone on your iPhone before it is disabled, you can use iCloud to unlock iPhone without pressing home button by following the procedures below:

Step 1. Enter the site address of www.icloud.com on your computer and log into iCloud by entering the iCloud ID and password.

Step 2. After signing into the iCloud, click on ‘Find iPhone’ and enter the Apple ID password if prompted.

Step 3. Click on ‘All Devices’ and choose your disabled iPhone. Then you will find three options here, choose ‘Erase iPhone’ and click on Done to erase the iPhone passcode.

unlock iphone with icloud

2.3 Via iTunes

Step 1. Connect your disabled iPhone to your computer. Ensure that you have trusted your iPhone with the computer before the device is disabled.

Step 2. Launch iTunes and the disabled iPhone will be detected. Simply click on ‘Restore iPhone’.

unlock iphone with itunes


After reading this post, you should know that it is possible to unlock iPhone without home button by using the solutions above.

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