FoneGeek Excel Password Recovery Guide

Start out with downloading FoneGeek Excel Password Recovery on a Windows computer, then follow the steps to recover the opening password and remove edit restrictions.

Part 1. Recover ‘Password to Open’ from Excel

Step 1. Run FoneGeek Excel Password and choose ‘Recover passwords to open locked Excel files’ on the main interface.

select recover password mode

Step 2. To import the encrypted Excel workbook to this program, you should click the ‘+’ icon. Then select a password recovery method based on your need.

choose attack type

Basically, dictionary attack method is the most widely-used one for users who don’t have any information of the password and it takes the shortest time. For users who remember some of the password details, Mask Attack and Combination Attack are the preferred choices.

Step 3. After selecting the attack mode and finishing the customized settings, tap on ‘Recover’ and the password exploring process will get started. After recovering the password, the correct password will be displayed on the final interface.

recover excel password

Part 2. Remove Edit Restrictions on Excel Wokrsheet

Step 1. On the welcome interface of this program, choose ‘Remove passwords to modify Excel workbooks & worksheets’.

select remove restrictions mode

Step 2. Add the read-only Excel file into the program and hit on ‘Remove’ to proceed.

add excel sheet

Step 3. Finally, the restrictions will be removed from the password-protected spreadsheet in only a few seconds.

remove restrictions

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