[2021] 5 Ways to Unlock iCloud Lock without Password

Have you ever heard about iCloud activation lock? If you are a new iPhone user and it's the 1st time for you to get a new purchased iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, you may want to know what iCloud activation lock is. Find My iPhone "iCloud activation lock" feature is developed to prevent the iOS device from unauthorized access when it is stolen or lost.

This feature will be enabled automatically on each new device. However, the iCloud may be locked on a second-hand iPhone. If you have recently purchased a second-hand iPhone with a locked iCloud account, you may need simples tricks to unlock iCloud lock on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Keep reading to get more useful tips.

iCloud Is Locked for the Following Reasons:

  • iCloud account is stolen.
  • Input iCloud password for multiple times.
  • Apple will lock the iCloud for account security reasons.
  • iCloud account is used by many users.
  • Log into iCloud account on a difference device.

How to Unlock iCloud Lock - 5 Quick Tips

1. Unlock iCloud Lock Using Third-Party Tool

You can use FoneGeek iPhone Passcode Unlocker to completely unlock iCloud activation lock without password or using iTunes. A wide range of iOS issues including iCloud unlocking service is supported. It is worth to download the program on your computer to have a try.

  • Permanently delete iCloud lock on your iPhone or iPad without knowing the password .
  • It is 100% safe and easy to use. No technique knowledge is required even if it is the first time to use the program.

Now download and install the iPhone Passcode Unlocker on your computer and follow the step-by-step guide to fix any iOS issues.


Step 1. Open it, choose "Unlock Apple ID" from the 2 unlock modes.

unlock apple id

Step 2. Take an USB cable to connect your iPhone or iPad with computer. When the device is connected, hit the "Start Unlock" button.

start unlock apple id

Step 3. Then the program will automatically unlock the iCloud activation lock.

unlocking apple id

2. Unlock iCloud Activation Lock Remotely

Just like what we discussed in the beginning, you may get a second-hand iPhone online or from your friend and the phone keeps asking you to verify the iCloud account, you will possibly need to contact with the previous owner to delete the iCloud account on his cell phone or computer.

  1. Visit the official account of iCloud by entering icloud.com in the browser.

  2. Enter the iCloud id and password to sign into your iCloud account.

  3. Hit on "Find iPhone" and click "All Devices" option.

  4. Choose the iPhone that you need to remove the iCloud account and select "Erase iPhone".

  5. When the iPhone is deleted, tap on the option of "Remove from Account".

remove icloud activation lock remotely

3. Unlock iCloud Lock Through OffiialiPhoneUnlock.co.uk

If you are reading this trick, you may not contact the previous owner of the device to delete the iCloud account. So here is another way to remove iCloud activation lock without contacting the previous owner: via online unlock tool - OffiialiPhoneUnlock.co.uk, of course, you can also search online to find other online iCloud unlock tools. Here are the steps.

  1. Enter the site address of https://www.officialiphoneunlock.co.uk/ to visit this site.

  2. There will be a list of options on the navigation bar, just select "iCloud Unlock".

  3. Then you need to choose the device model and enter the serial number. (You can check the serial number on the back of the phone)

  4. After that, click on "Add to cart" to pay for the service, and the iCloud activation on your iPhone will be unlocked.

4. Remove iCloud Activation Lock without Third-party Tool

There is another way to bypass the iCloud lock if you do not want to use any online or 3rd-party tool. This way is available but 100% success rate is not guaranteed. Anyway, it is still worth to have a try.

  1. Firstly, reboot the device that you want to remove the iCloud lock.

  2. When the device is turned on, select the country and language to start the setup process.

  3. On the WiFi network settings screen, hit the "i" icon that you want to connect to. Then scroll down to enter appropriate DNS number.

  4. Next, click back button at the top of the screen and select the wifi network that you will connect.

  5. Since the iPhone is reset, you need to enter the wifi password again then click "Join" option.

  6. Turn back to the WiFi screen by tapping on Back button. The device will go to the new screen. Just click the Back option again to go back to the WiFi screen.

  7. Then you could see the option of "iCloudDNSBypass.net". Click the menu and choose the app to provide the information of your iPhone.

remove icloud activation lock without tool

5. Remove iCloud Activation Lock with Apple

In some cases, the staff member in Apple store will do a favor to unlock iCloud lock for your iPhone. But before that, You need to demonstrate that you are the legal owner of the iPhone. To prove that, you can either show the purchase receipts or provment of approved transfer from the previous owner to the Apple staff. After checking the device information, they will help to remove the iCloud activation lock. However, your request will be refused if you cannot offer the proof that you are exactly the owner of this iPhone.

Final Words

If you are in need to unlock iCloud lock without passcode or iTunes, there are 5 methods listed above. FoneGeek iPhone Passcode Unlocker is recommended here. It allows you access to everything on your iPhone without iCloud restrictions.


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Posted on Mar 03, 2019, 17:18:25

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