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[2024] Truth About DoulCi Activator Download. Is It Legit?

iCloud activation lock removal tools are increasingly becoming important as a lot of people choose to purchase second-hand iPhone that are often linked with an iCloud account.

When you get a locked iPhone, you will need an tool like doulCi to unlock it or it will become impossible to use the device. This particular tool represents a wide range of online solutions that can be used to remove iCloud lock from iPhone.

In this article, we take a closer look at this online iCloud unlocking tool and provide you with a better alternative if doulCi Activator is not working for you.

doulci activator

Part 1. What is DoulCi Activator?

The doulCi Activator is an online tool that is useful in bypassing iCloud activation lock. It allows its users to deleted iCloud account on their iOS devices without iCloud credentials. Lots of users have downloaded doulCi activator on their computer and it is also completely free to use.

Part 2. Is There Any Way to Download DoulCi Activator?

There is no downloadable version of doulCi Activator. The tool was never developed into a program and anyone who tries to get you to download a version of it, is trying to scam you or infect your computer with a virus they can then use to exploit you.

Part 3. Is It Possible to Bypass Activation Lock with DoulCi Activator?

No. As explained in the above part, DoulCi Team was suspended in 2014 as a direct consequence of its redundancy, we doubt that this iActivatior is a scam program.

Their website is still available though DoulCi team was suspended. The team stated clearly on the website that whoever claimed to be the team member of DoulCi is a scammer.

Thus you’d better think twice before using DoulCi Activator to activate iCloud lock and stay away from this kind of word: "DoulCi Activator free download".

Part 4. How Does DoulCi Activator Work?

It is important to note that doulCi only works for devices that are running iOS 7.1.2 or below. And it is not entirely clear how doulCi Activator works. This is perhaps an attempt by the website’s owner to protect their method and keep it from prying eyes.

But it worth pointing out that their failure to share the process could also be the most ideal way to protect its users from hackers who might infiltrate the system and use it to distribute malware and viruses.

The website only required you to submit a form with the most basic information about your locked device and your contact information. In a few days, you will receive a notification that the device has been unlocked.

Part 5. How to Avoid DoulCi Activator Scammers

Though this service claims to work and users have the experiences in downloading doulCi activator with great challenges, some scammers use the name “doulCi” with nefarious intentions.

We suggest you stay away from the ads called “DoulCi Activator free download”. Though the ads will direct you to the http://www.doulci.com/, it’s not the official site of doulci. Please think twice before downloading.

Part 6. Best Alternative to DoulCi Activator

Since DoulCi Activator was no longer available, you may be wondering how you can unlock iCloud locked iPhone. Actually, most online tools don’t really work as advertised and most are just scammers trying to get your money, the best way to unlock your device would be to use a downloadable program.

One of the best iCloud activation lock removal tools in the market is FoneGeek iPhone Passcode Unlocker. This tool is developed to keep the process in your hands, by making the whole process very easy and seamless.

Following are some of the most notable features of FoneGeek iPhone Unlocker:

  • It can remove Apple ID and iCloud account from any activated iPhone easily and quickly.
  • It helps to unlock all types of screen passwords from an iPhone or iPad, including 4-digit/6-digit passcode, Touch ID, Face ID, etc.
  • It is very simple to use and doesn’t require any technical know-how. The interface is straightforward, allowing you to unlock iPhone in a few simple clicks.
  • It is compatible with the latest iPhone 15/14 and all other iPhone models as well as with all versions of the iOS firmware including iOS 17/16.


Step 1: Download and install the iCloud unlock tool on you your computer. Once it is installed successfully, double-click on the program’s icon to open it.

unlock apple id

Step 2: In the main interface, you should see two options. Click on “Unlock Apple ID” and then connect your locked iPhone to the computer with a lightning cable.

connect ios device to pc

Step 3: “Trust this Computer” on the iPhone to allow the program detect the device. You should know the lock screen password of the device to use this iCloud unlocking function. The program will begin scanning the device’s data.


Step 4: Once the iPhone has been detected, click on "Start Unlock" and the unlocking process will begin immediately. A progress bar on the screen will help you keep track of the unlocking process. It is very important that you keep the device connected through the entire process.

start unlock apple id

The program will notify you when the unlocking process is complete and the device has been successfully unlocked. You can then disconnect the device and set it up again using your own Apple ID and password.

Comparision of FoneGeek and DoulCi Activator

Download SecurityPriceiOS Compatibility
FoneGeek iPhone Passcode UnlockerVery simple to download the tool from the official site.Free to trySupports all models of iPhone and all iOS versions.
DoulCi ActivatorDifficult to download the genuine toolFreeThe current supports iOS 13 while the old version supports only iOS 7 and older.
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