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Top 10 Best iCloud Activation Lock Removal Tools 2022 (Free & Paid)

You purchase a second-hand iPhone only to discover that the device is locked with the previous owner's iCloud account. Of course, you can contact the previous owner and ask him/her to remove the Activation Lock remotely.

But what if you can't reach the previous owner? Don't worry. You can still rely on third-party iCloud unlock tool to bypass iCloud Activation Lock from iPhone or iPad.

icloud unlock tools

In this article, we will take a look at the top 10 best iCloud removal tools in 2022, with their Pros and Cons. Browse through this list and choose your favorite one to remove iCloud Activation Lock.

Part 1. Must Knows Before Choosing iCloud Removal Tools

Watch out the price: Most paid iCloud unlock tools are charging by month, quarter and lifetime. Of course, there are exceptions. Some of them may charge by each try, day or week. Watch carefully before purchasing the tool.

Be careful of scams: Before using the iCloud Activation Lock removal tools, ask yourself; Can you find the official site of these tools? Do they have the money-back guarantee on their website? Have you seen the real users reviews of this kind of tools?

Part 2. Reliable iCloud Activation Unlocker - FoneGeek iPhone Unlocker

Through there are many free iCloud Activation Lock bypass tools, a professional iCloud Activation Lock removal tool is much more reliable.

If you are searching for a reliable tool to bypass iCloud Activation Lock, you should not miss FoneGeek iPhone Passcode Unlocker (iOS 15/14 supported).

This software can help you completely remove iCloud account without knowing the password, then you'll be able to create a new iCloud account to enjoy all services and features of your iPhone. This iCloud bypass tool is very easy to use, unlocking the Apple ID in just minutes and ensures high success rate.



  • Effectively remove Apple ID or iCloud account on iOS device without password.
  • Instantly remove all kinds of lock screen from iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, including 4/6-digit password, Touch ID and Face ID.
  • No technical skills required to use this iCloud Activation Lock removal tool, making it ideal even for the beginner.
  • This software is trusted by many famous technology websites, such as iLounge, CNET, Software.Informer, Filehorse, JustWebWorld, iGeekPhone, etc.
  • Fully compatible with all iOS devices including the latest iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 12, etc.
  • Your device will not be damaged when using this program to remove the iCloud lock.
  • The price is much cheaper than other similar tools.

Here's how to bypass iCloud Activation Lock using FoneGeek iPhone Passcode Unlocker:

Step 1: Download and install FoneGeek iCloud bypass tool on to your computer, launch the program and choose the "Unlock Apple ID" mode in the main window.

unlock apple id

Step 2: Connect your iPhone to the computer using USB cable, unlock the device's screen and tap "Trust" on it.


Step 3: Now click "Start Unlock" to begin bypassing the iCloud lock on your iPhone. Keep the device connected until the process is complete. When the unlocking process is done, you can log into another Apple ID or create a new one.

start unlock apple id

FoneGeek iPhone Passcode Unlocker has been downloaded and reviewed by our users who have purchased the registration code to activate the full service.

trustpilot reviews

Part 3. Free iCloud Activation Lock Removal Tools

Do you know the highest security level of Apple’s privacy methods? It’s the Activation lock. Though there are free tools that seem to remove or bypass iCloud Activation lock without charging anything, will they really work as the tool above?

Why Are These Tools Free?

The reason of these free Activation lock removal tools to be free is that they exploit iOS vulnerabilities to achieve this goal, such as DNS bypass. Other free tools may be developed by non-profit groups. In attempt to advertisement, some paid tools may use "FREE" rather than "Free Trial" to attract users.

3.1 iCloudin

iCloudin is a free iCloud Activation Lock removal tool that can be quite useful for this purpose. It is easy to use and compatible with most iOS devices, not to mention that it provides a lot of tutorials to help users using it.

icloud activation lock removal tool


  • It is free to use and has a very simple and interactive user interface.
  • It provides tutorials to help you bypass iCloud Activation Lock.


  • It is a fairly new tool and there are few reviews to speak to its effectiveness.
  • The website hasn't been updated for a long time.


  • Only compatible with iPhones running iOS 9 or earlier versions.

3.2 Doulci iCloud Unlocking Tool

Doulci iCloud Unlocking tool is another simple and efficient tool that you can use to bypass iCloud lock on a few iOS device, even an iPod Touch. It is not however a UI tool and works by allowing users to run their own iCloud bypass server.

icloud activation lock removal tool


  • It allows to bypass iCloud Activation Lock.


  • You are required to complete a survey before you can download the tool.
  • This service is claimed to be free to download. But when you start to use it, you have to make a payment.
  • Their website has not been updated for a long time, and this tool hasn't worked since 2014.


  • It only supports devices running iOS 7.1.2 or below.

3.3 iCloud Bypass Tool

You may be familiar with iCloud Bypass Tool since it is the most used iCloud Activation Lock bypass and removal tool in the market. The main reason for its increased popularity is its efficiency and ease of use, not to mention that it supports all iOS devices.

icloud activation lock removal tool


  • It is a very functional tool that can do more than just iCloud Activation Lock removal.
  • It has numerous great reviews from previous users who all point to its efficiency.


  • Some people have complained that it has a low download speed.
  • The rating of this iCloud lock bypass tool is as low as 3.5 star.


  • It only supports devices running lower than iOS 9.

3.4 GadgetWide

GadgetWide is a simple to understand and user friendly iCloud activation tool. It is also very reliable ad works with almost all iOS devices.

icloud activation lock removal tool


  • It is one of the most reliable tools in the market.
  • It is completely free to use.
  • It is highly efficient, allowing you to bypass iCloud Activation Lock in just a few minutes.
  • It comes with pre-configured settings to make the process even simpler.


  • It's difficult to find the correct download link of GadgetWide.
  • Your data may be exposed to 3rd parties.


  • Although it claims to be compatible with all iOS devices, it doesn't work very well with older iPhone models.

3.5 DNS Bypass Method

Some users said that they can bypass the iCloud activation lock by modifying the DNS settings.

This method is said to remove iCloud Activation Lock for iOS devices from iPhone 4s to iPhone 6. Some users whose iOS version is iOS 12/13 report that this method works to remove the iCloud lock. But some users say that it is not working.

icloud activation lock removal tool


  • This trick can be performed through iPhone’s Wifi settings, thus there is no need to install any 3rd-party tools.
  • This way is free to use.


  • The DNS bypass method always fail for unknown reasons.
  • This method is not used to unlock iOS device, thus not all functions will be accessed after the bypass process.


  • Compatible withiOS devices running iOS 8 to iOS 10.

Part 4. Paid iCloud Activation Lock Removal Tools

4.1 Open My iCloud

Open My iCloud is another highly reliable tool that you can use to bypass iCloud Activation Lock easily. It is one of the most widely accessible tools in the market for this purpose. It is also very fast and comes with numerous tutorials to help you use the tool whenever you get stuck.

icloud activation lock removal tool


  • With this tool, you can unlock or bypass your iCloud lock in less than 10 minutes, one of the fastest in the market.
  • It works well on all iOS devices and all versions of iOS.
  • You can also use it to get the device's IMEI code to unlock the iPhone.


  • You can only use it on Windows. There is no Mac version.
  • It has not been updated for a very long time and it's a bit difficult to download this software online.
We have recently found that this website was no longer available. So you can skip this method and check for other tools.

4.2 Apple iPhone Unlock

This Apple iPhone Unlock site is online service rather than a tool to remove iCloud Activation Lock. It is also an effective service to unlock iCloud with high success rate.

icloud activation lock removal tool


  • As a professional service, it can be used by everyone without any difficulty.


  • Some users complaied that their money are not returned when the service was not working.
  • The customer service may not respond on time.


  • It only supports devices from iPhone 4 to iPhone 7. The lateset models of iPhone are not supported.

4.3 WipeLock iCloud Unlock

WipeLock iCloud Unlock is also one common unlock tool to seeftively remove iCloud lock. When you purchase the tool, you will receive an eBook containing the operation of this tool. Since their software are not updated for a while, you may hear positive or negtive reviews about this tool.

icloud activation lock removal tool


  • Other than removing iCloud activation lock, it also unlocks FRP, SIM network and screen locks.


  • It is complicated to use, so it not an ideal tool for beginners.
  • It doesn’t work fast as advertised.

4.4 IMEInow

IMEInow is an iCloud Activation Lock removal online service that allows users to easily unlock iCloud without having to install any software on their computer. It is highly effective with a high success rate and glowing reviews from users.

icloud activation lock removal tool


  • You don't have to install any software on your computer.
  • It is very easy to use and extremely efficient.
  • It has numerous glowing reviews from users.


  • You'll have to pay $19.95 or more to use the service.
  • The most serious problem to unlock iCloud online is data leakage. The sensitive information on your iPhone may be visible to others after using this kind of online tools.
  • Most online tools unlock iCloud via brute force, thus resulting in damage of your iPhone data.


  • iOS 7, iOS 7.1, iOS 8, iOS 9, iOS 10

Part 5. FAQs about Removing iCloud Lock

Q1. How to select a software to remove iCloud lock?

Though there are many free tools to remove iCloud lock, the success rate is very low and your iCloud/device data may be exposed.

If you have time, you can read this article carefully and make a comprehensive comparison of the 10 iCloud unlock tools and choose the best one. As for the online services, if you are not sure whether the online tool is a scam or not, you’d better not used it.

Q2. Will my device be damaged when bypassing Activation lock?

Let’s take an example of FoneGeek iPhone Passcode Unlocker, if you follow the steps on the application seriously, you device will definitely not be damaged.

Q3. Is it possible to remove iCloud Activation Lock through jailbreaking?

Actually, the iCloud lock will not be removed by simply jailbreaking the device. But this steps is necessary for most tools to remove iCloud lock.


There you have it, the top 10 iCloud Activation Lock Removal tools for 2022. Choose a tool that will suit your needs in your current situation. Keep in mind that each one has its own strengths and weaknesses although we recommend choosing the tool that is the easiest to use.

Hope this article can help you get rid of iCloud Activation Lock. If you know any other iCloud unlock tool, share us in the comments section below.

Joan J. Mims

Joan J. Mims is interested in researching all tips about iPhone, iPad and Android. He loves to share useful ideas with all users.

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